The correction & enhancement of images by the removal of any flaws, adding in of missing details or the repairing of damaged areas using Adobe® Photoshop® tools.


From the simple removing of dirt, dust scratch marks or blemishes to complex image manipulation, alteration and compositing, our Image Retouching service encompasses all manner of image editing solutions.



To give a better idea of the various options available to you, we have divided our Image Retouching services into the following subgroups.

  • Creative Retouching: The manipulation, editing and general re-correction of images. Usually involves images related to the advertising, beauty or fashion industries.
  • Jewellery Retouching: The retouching and re-correction of any jewellery related images such as brooches, necklaces, earrings or gemstones.
  • Image Optimisation: The preparation & editing of images mainly destined for an online presence such as the Amazon or Ebay marketplace.
  • Image Compositing: The combining or blending of various separate images into one final image.


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