Created using Adobe® Photoshop® tools and techniques, a mask is basically a grayscale image used to blend, hide or extract selected portions of an image.


Masks are the most effective way to process highly complicated or detailed images since they provide a far more quicker and a far more professional looking output than the standard clipping path method.


Our Image Masking service will add layer or channel masks to complex images such as

  • Images with hair, fur or fibre sections (e.g. models, animals, towels).
  • Images with blurred and transparent edges (e.g. feathers, smoke).
  • Or images too intricate or time-consuming to employ any standard background removal or isolating methods (e.g. foliage, screens)


After which, the image will be sent back to be further processed by you as you see fit.


Want us to do the work of seamlessly replacing the background of the masked images with another one of your choosing?


No problem, our highly skilled image editors are at the ready to help you with your exact requirements.


Talk to us right now.


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