The adjustment of the colours and the changing of the tonal settings of an image by the usage of powerful Adobe® Photoshop® adjustment tools.


Usually done in tandem with the Image Retouching service, our Colour Adjustment service can enhance, repair and correct the colours and change the lightness, darkness, contrast etc. of an image according to client requirements.



We use colour correction paths and if required, channel masks to make the selection after which all the specified edits and adjustments are done using “non-destructive” methods (e.g. Photoshop adjustment layers) and the file is finally saved in the PSD format. Hence, the original image remains untouched while the edits done can be changed or adjusted even further if necessary.


Do you prefer to make the tonal or colour adjustments yourself, but require a method isolating the individual sections or selected portions of an image?


We are here to help you. Simply send us the relevant images and we will be more than happy to add in the required colour correction paths or channel masks and send the images back to be further processed by you as you see fit.

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